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    How Use:-

    •  lightweight, curved shape for a comfortable fit to your breast,
    • easy to use, simply slip like your bra, no adhesive or special bra needed
    • automatically stop after 15 mins, use 2-3 times a day to achieve the best   result
    • battery operated,


    • Dimensions:34 in x 5.68 in x 2.46 in
    • Shipping Weight: 670 g- Enlarge breast more effectively
    • Stimulate female’s breast.accelerate blood circulation and activate cell renewal and hormone secretion through physical massage with forceful vibration balls inside.In this way female breast will become more healthy and sexy
    • Make breast more healthy
    •  Accelerate breast bolld cirulation and effectively make breast up,dredge breast glands,eliminate blood stasis and effectively prevent women from breast diseases and flaccid,also can move fat and make a well-shaped figure.If use it often,you can have a sound sleep,immunity from disease and better internal secretion
    • Input voltage: 3V DC
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    10 In 1 USB Charger

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    • Brand: Impressionzz
    • Type:  Cable
    • Power source: Electric
    • Input Voltage:5V
    • Model: imp-2pin usb-10in1-minichar
    Other Features:
    • Unique compact design
    • Conveniently portable and lightweight
    • Compact size for traveling convenience
    • One USB charging cable comes with 10 connectors compatible with many Cellphone
    • Integrated microchip prevents overcharging & lengthens battery life
    • Maximum 2 charging at a time
    • imply carry an extra handy and light travel charger
    • Small, portable and easy to use
    • Mini Design, New generic Universal USB Mini Car Charger Adapter
    • Use your car to charge any devices that can rely on USB for power
    • This adapter plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter jack to become a powered USB port
    • Fit all electronic appliances that use a USB charging cable
    • Patented circuit board designed to protect your valuable gadgets from short circuits
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    • DESIGNED AND MADE FROM COPPER AND BRANDED BY CLOUDSELLER LIMITED: I have tested the I phone 5 charger in multiple colours which works perfectly with the I phone and Tablets. The reason why people face issues with charging there new Ipad is because they dont use there Ipad Mains charger which has higher voltage. If thi is used the problem is solved. However for everything else the mains charger is not required and the phone can be charged via USB direct.
    • Just plug into your USB port in your PC or laptop and you can charge or transfer data. also to the USB Power Adapter for convenient charging from a wall outlet
    • With this High Quality high-speed Usb connectivity data cable allows you to connect your iPhone 5/iPod to the computer/laptop for easy transferring of music, pictures, phone numbers etc. High Quality 8-Pin Lightning USB Charging data cable
    Rs.1,495.00 Rs.1,494.00
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    15 Function Multi-Pliers Tool Set Features:
    • Made of Stainless Steel
    • 2 Flat Blade Screw Drivers
    • Pliers
    • Fish Sealer
    • Awl
    • 2.5″ Extra Blade
    • Wire Cutter
    • Ruler
    • 1″ Extra Sharp Blade
    • Saw and File
    • Philips Screw Driver
    • Bottle Opener
    • Can Opener
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    • Keeps you fit & strong
    • Eliminates extra cellulite
    • Effective

    Other Details: 

    • Three in 1 therapy: Heat, vibration & magnetic therapy
    • Magnetic therapy helps to improve your blood circulation
    • It also helps to reduce cholesterol
    • Vibration therapy reduces extra fat from different body parts
    • It gives proper shape to body parts like ads, hips, thighs & buttocks etc
    • Heat therapy reduces pains or swelling in the body and also reduces fat
    Rs.1,990.00 Rs.1,989.00
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    Enhance the beauty of your bedroom interiors with these 4 Designer double bed sheet. Extremely comfortable and elegantly designed, this one is a must-have bedroom accessory. This beautiful print double bed sheet is ideal to give a fresh look to your bedroom.
    This bed sheet and pillow cover is made out of good quality blended cotton and has been designed to match your taste and requirements. The fabric is skin friendly and easily washable. It can blend in easily with all kinds of decor themes and add to its charm. It invites the warmth and comfort that make your bedroom the haven you want it to be.
    A good nights sleep is the key to improving memory, mental alertness and bonds with alarm clocks. Bed sheets are great for perking up a bedroom and keeping bare beds beautifully covered. Designed to make your bedroom a better place to be in, this beautiful double bed sheet, exudes a vibrant aura. Combining the right colors with an elaborate design that merges floral and abstract patterns. Crafted in fine quality poly cotton, this bed sheet set is soft and durable. Bring home elegance and wake up refreshed each day! It ensures comfort to unwind after a busy day at work.
    Images are for representation purpose only. Actual product may vary in colour / design.
    Rs.3,990.00 Rs.3,989.00
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    • High sensitivity, interference resistance, strong signal, outstanding performance, effective range over 8 metres, and reception beyond obstacle of wall.
    • Bass speaker for great enjoyment.
    • Hi-Fi for beautiful sound.
    • Wireless reception from any electrical device with audio output such as full-channel TV sound, PC, game player DVD player VCD player audio device, MP3 player and CD player.
    • Full-channel TV sound: What will you do if there is your favourite TV program but worry about disturbing others?
    • Use of the wireless earphone enables you to watch wonderful TV program with mute function.


    •  It’s a perfect audio-chat tool, provides infinite enjoyment.
    • Place the emitter near baby, old people and sick people who need care, and the sound of the cared people can be heared with the receiver, for easy care.
    • FM RADIO
    • The headset can be used as FM radio separately, search and lock channels automatically.
    • Equipped with audio cable, the receiver can be used as a wired earphone.


    Rs.1,590.00 Rs.1,589.00
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    Features & Benefits :
    • Inflates in about 90 seconds.
    • Includes lightweight duffle bag for easy storage.
    • Easy clean up & 120V UL-approved AC pump is detachable.
    • It is also a greater value for your money.
    • The 5 in1 Sofa Bed is the ultimate sleeping and seating solution.
    • It is built with 5In1’s technological advances in weightless load technology.
    • 5 in1 Sofa Bed is made of high quality PVC with best price.
    • You can even use the 5in1 Sofa Bed outside around the house, camping and even in the pool.
    • It can be used as a 3 Seat Sofa, Lounger, Recliner, Queen Sized Bed, Children’s High Rise Sleeper.
    • Perfect for overnight guests, parties, sleepovers, and visiting friends and family; supports up to 600-pounds.
    • It is a sophisticated Sofa.
    • A luxurious lounger A relaxed recliner.
    • A Children’s high rise sleeper and a beautifully blissful bed.
    • The 5 in 1 Sofa Bed will make a great addition to any living room, bedroom, guest room.




    • 5 in 1 Sofa Bed.
    • 1 Electric Pump.
    • 1 Piece Pump Nozzle set.
    • 1 Repair Kit.
    • 1 Travel Carry Bag.
    • Instructions Manual.
    Rs.6,999.00 Rs.6,989.00
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    5200mah Power Bank

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    Power bank Iem Specifics:-
    • Type:Emergency / Portable
    • Compatible Brand:all electronic items
    • Battery Capacity(mAh):4001-5000
    • Model Number:L310 perfume power bank 5200mah
    • Size ::96*24*24mm
    • G.W.:180G
    • Capacity:5200 mah
    • Package:Retail package
    • Cable:micro cable
    • color :blue pink yellow green white black
    • Feature:perfume smell keychain
    • Function:Charging the all phone ipad PC
    • Charging time:4-6 hours
    • Special:portable mini perfume lipstick universal usb power bank


    Product Details:-
    • Name:L310 Perfume Power Bank
    • Color:-Black/White/Pink/Yellow/Green/Blue
    • Battery type:-18650  battery
    • Capacity:-3000-5200MAH
    • Input:-5V/800mah
    • Outpt:-5V/1A
    • Charging time : 2-3 hours
    • Frequency times:  1 times
    • Cycle Using: ≥500 t
    • Working Enviroment:  -10—-40 degree
    • Suitable Temperature:  -20—- 45
    • Compatible with: Iphone Samsung HTC MP3/MP4  all digital devices charged  via USB port Other mobile phone Digital camera
    • Product weight: 75G
    • Size :  96*24*24mm
    • Gross Weight: 110G
    • Package size: 420*380*280MM/100PCS
    • Package included: 1* power bank
    • 1* USB cable
    • 1* Crystal box
    • 1* Manual
    Rs.1,590.00 Rs.1,589.00
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    5m Multi-function high-pressure water gun (pipe) used for gardening, washing floor, door and car.It is high accuracy, small size, easy to carry and water-saving, and can be used for gardening, washing floor, door and car, very popular.

    how to use


    1. Pleast connect the connector on the water jet with the water-tap, and please choose the 4,6,8 seals according to the size of the water-tap.
    2.  Please whirl the nozzle gently so that it can blowout fog and water-columms shape water flow.
    3.  When the water is blowed out as water-columms shape, it can be 5  meters long, and 8 meters high.
    4. Please turn off the connector if every thing is done
    Rs.699.00 Rs.698.00
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    7-Piece German-Style Kitchen Knife Set and Sharpening Tool and Plastic Cutting Board
    Deal92 Price 392.00
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    MRP of this Deal  999.00
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    German Style Knife Set + Wooden Cutting Board + Sharpener:


    • 8 Inch Chef`s Master Knife
    • 8 Inch Carving knife
    • 5.5 Inch Boning knife
    • 3 Inch Paring knife
    • Bayonet Type Knife Sharpener
    • Solid Plastic Cutting board (12.5 Inches x 8.5 Inches) Thick

    Each knife is precision forged . This specialized high carbon, stain  resistant alloy ensures that the key characteristics, namely:




    • Razor sharp
    • Long-lasting cutting edge
    • Easily restorable edge
    • High stain resistance

    This set is perfect for :

    • Your own Kitchen Use
    • A Perfect Gift for weddings and dinners
    • Having Your Own Set Of Valued Cooking Utensils in Your Hostel/Rented House That You Know Will Last You A Lifetime
    Rs.999.00 Rs.998.00
  • AB Circle Pro

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    • Made with gym steel quality.  
    • Abs Circle Pro provides many different positions of exercise.
    • Folds for easy storage under the bed (It doesn’t occupy much storage space).
    • It also boosts your metabolism and improves the flexibility of your joints, muscles and bones.
    • Abs Circle Pro is ideal for leg & bun workout.
    • Melts away your fat.
    • Combine cardio and abs workouts!
    • Best treadmill for your abs.
    • Slim down your buns, hips and thighs.
    • It is a fast and an easy way to a sexy body.
    • It works on the whole body i.e. upper, middle and lower abs, as well as on the slanted muscles.