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    How Use:-

    •  lightweight, curved shape for a comfortable fit to your breast,
    • easy to use, simply slip like your bra, no adhesive or special bra needed
    • automatically stop after 15 mins, use 2-3 times a day to achieve the best   result
    • battery operated,


    • Dimensions:34 in x 5.68 in x 2.46 in
    • Shipping Weight: 670 g- Enlarge breast more effectively
    • Stimulate female’s breast.accelerate blood circulation and activate cell renewal and hormone secretion through physical massage with forceful vibration balls inside.In this way female breast will become more healthy and sexy
    • Make breast more healthy
    •  Accelerate breast bolld cirulation and effectively make breast up,dredge breast glands,eliminate blood stasis and effectively prevent women from breast diseases and flaccid,also can move fat and make a well-shaped figure.If use it often,you can have a sound sleep,immunity from disease and better internal secretion
    • Input voltage: 3V DC
    Rs.3,990.00 Rs.3,989.00
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    • Keeps you fit & strong
    • Eliminates extra cellulite
    • Effective

    Other Details: 

    • Three in 1 therapy: Heat, vibration & magnetic therapy
    • Magnetic therapy helps to improve your blood circulation
    • It also helps to reduce cholesterol
    • Vibration therapy reduces extra fat from different body parts
    • It gives proper shape to body parts like ads, hips, thighs & buttocks etc
    • Heat therapy reduces pains or swelling in the body and also reduces fat
    Rs.1,990.00 Rs.1,989.00
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    Enhance the beauty of your bedroom interiors with these 4 Designer double bed sheet. Extremely comfortable and elegantly designed, this one is a must-have bedroom accessory. This beautiful print double bed sheet is ideal to give a fresh look to your bedroom.
    This bed sheet and pillow cover is made out of good quality blended cotton and has been designed to match your taste and requirements. The fabric is skin friendly and easily washable. It can blend in easily with all kinds of decor themes and add to its charm. It invites the warmth and comfort that make your bedroom the haven you want it to be.
    A good nights sleep is the key to improving memory, mental alertness and bonds with alarm clocks. Bed sheets are great for perking up a bedroom and keeping bare beds beautifully covered. Designed to make your bedroom a better place to be in, this beautiful double bed sheet, exudes a vibrant aura. Combining the right colors with an elaborate design that merges floral and abstract patterns. Crafted in fine quality poly cotton, this bed sheet set is soft and durable. Bring home elegance and wake up refreshed each day! It ensures comfort to unwind after a busy day at work.
    Images are for representation purpose only. Actual product may vary in colour / design.
    Rs.3,990.00 Rs.3,989.00
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    •  It gives full coverage and adjust easily
    • Gives a proper shape to all sizes
    • It comes in three different sizes- Small, Medium & large
    • Prefect fitting to all shapes and sizes
    • Best quality fiber, contains 92% Nylon and 8 % spandex
    • Ultra comfortable, boots confidence
    • Machine washable and safe for machine drying
    • Highly durable in terms of from and color
    • Does not have rolls and bra lines
    Rs.2,990.00 Rs.2,989.00
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    Bean Bags

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    Kids are always on the go—which is why the Cocoon Jr. is the perfect place for their many activities. Laid flat it’s a crash pad with room to sit in comfort and spread all their toys. When flipped it on its side, they can be tucked into a nook of soft foam, perfect for reading. Then flip the bag back up so it sits like a regular bean bag and you have the perfect movie lounger.

    • Large bean bag for children
    • Shredded ECOFOAM filling for maximum comfort
    • Removable, machine-washable cover available in a variety of fabric choices and colors
    • Shipped in compressed packaging to reduce shipping costs and our environmental impact
    • Made in Atlanta
    • Size 61cmX61cmX43cmX24″X24″X17″
    • Ages 1-10 Year old
    • Maximum Weight  40Kg(72 LB)

    Rs.799.00 Rs.798.00
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    Bilisan oil Joint Pain Relief Oil from indin ayurved and saudi aribia Famus oil Bilisan ist 1400 year old furmula from madina is an authentic Ayurvedic medicine containing rare and precious Himalayan medicinal plant extracts. These plant extracts are being used for decades by millions of people for effective and immediate results. With meticulous selection of various such herbs and incorporating precision manufacturing techniques, Bilisan oil Joint Pain Relief Oil helps in reducing the severity of pain in knees, back, shoulder, elbow, neck, wrist, and ankles in 10-15 days of application. The use of Bilisan oil helps the joint regain its stability and strength while effectively reducing the pain emanating from a dry nonfunctioning joint. The benefits are well experienced by millions of users across the globe and numbers are ever increasing due to Sadhi Sudha Plus’ extremely safe yet amazingly effective results with surprisingly easy application. Bilisan oil WORKS IN 5 WAYS 1. The herbal formulation in the oil base enters through the skin layers to the joint easily on application and increases the lubrication between the joints while reducing swelling and pain. 2. It brings back the functionality of weak/damaged nerves and strengthens the muscles and ligaments. 3. It increases the blood circulation speeding the recovery of the damaged joints and inflammatory tissues around the joint. 4. It gives strength to the joints which got weak due to aging and deficiency of calcium. 5. It stimulates the synovial membranes for better synovial fluid production providing natural lubrication between the joints.

    Rs.1,200.00 Rs.500.00
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    Burrbery Fan Heater

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    Product Details 
    • 2KW heat output
    • 2 heat settings
    • Adjustable thermostat control
    • Cool blow facility
    • Carry handle
    • Automatic over heating cut out
    • Two round plug
    • Power Indicator Light
    • With Handle portable
    Rs.1,590.00 Rs.1,589.00
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    Coffee maker

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    Additional Information
    • Capacity: 10-12 cups
    • Plate: Non-stick warming plate
    • Switch: Illuminated On/ Off switch
    • Filter: Cone style permanent filter
    • Safety: Heat resistant glass carafe
    • Miscellaneous: Hinged tank lid, Non-stick warming plate
    • Power: 230V, 50Hz, 800WS
    • skyline Drip Coffee Maker comes with attractive features :ThermostatSafety valveThermal fuseFixed metal steam pipe for frothing
    Rs.2,990.00 Rs.2,989.00
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    Feture :-
    • Capacity 1.5 Ltrs
    • Rapid Boil
    • Automatic Safety Cut Off Wen Boiled
    • With on/off indicater
    • Easy Open lid with security lock for safety
    • 360 degree rotating
    • Double safety protect system
    • Spicfaction :-
    • Item : Cordless Electric kettle
    • Model : VH 813
    • Quantity : One Onit
    • Valtage 1500-1800W


    Cordless Electric kettle : –
    The product of the stainless steel material no pollution high quality durability an automatic safty  electricity water not automatically after the fire power in the safe and reliable which power base  360 degree use any convenient suitable for family hotels office gift gift giving may it bring you  add a wonderful
    Feture :-
    • Capacity 1.5 Ltrs
    • Rapid Boil
    • Automatic Safety Cut Off Wen Boiled
    • With on/off indicater
    • Easy Open lid with security lock for safety
    • 360 degree rotating
    • Double safety protect system
    • Spicfaction :-
    • Item : Cordless Electric kettle
    • Model : VH 813
    • Quantity : One Onit
    • Valtage 1500-1800W



    Use Way :
    1. Take in water
    • Open kettle cover load water the covered kettle cover to boil the water vapourove hurt
    • Hold water at least shall not below the water line (lowest or min )to prevent the heating elementin adry the state shall not be Higher then highest line (top or max )and avoid water to prevent the water ran over a kettle.


    • Will be a base of power supply cord plug in the outlet putting the base
    • the kettle on the buttons to switch the light of the marked (on)pluggged in the light water began to work Use the windowsare small there is a normal ph-enomenon
    • When the water power switch the electricity supply is automatically switch on the buttons (off)the worked sign goes off.
    • if you want boil the need to wait for 15 to 20seconds later electrical components can be plugged in the unset again never marched on the open the many electrical components.
    • Available wet clothe Please do not use the product of internal and external plastic corrosive cleaning
    • To ensure that product canuse normally we most periodically remove furring water
    • Remove dirty not allowed to use mateals washed make recommendation with diluted lemon cleaning water
    • Don’t put the pot the power supply cable plug the power and soaking in water to prevent product failure affect the safe use
    • Product long time no use please clean sponge after loading box and kept indry and ventilated place avoid dampness during the effects of product.
    Rs.1,990.00 Rs.1,989.00
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    Crystal has constantly been providing quality products. It manufactures a wide range of kitchen appliances and accessories.Disclaimer: Please note the product colour may differ from the colour shown in the image.

    • All parts are easily detachable for easy manual wash
    •  Product Code: Juicer
    • 100% leak proof
    •  Material: ABS Plastic
    • Saves power
    • Colour: White
    • Brand: Fantasy Crystal
    • Its vacuum base gives it a firm grip
    • Dimensions: 15.5 x 15.5 x 31.5 cms (LxWxH)
    • Specially designed to extract maximum juice.

    Rs.999.00 Rs.998.00
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    Detox Foot Pads

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    If Your Are Smoker or Drinker want to Detox your body
    Ayurved Shaptrisi present Detox Foot Pads with Ginger & Salt .
    The primary effect of the Ayurved Shaptrisi Detox Foot Pads is detoxification.
    The patches will absorb your toxins after using for whole night.
    You can see that from the changing of the color after using it.
    The more dirty you see the foot pad, the more toxins it has absorbed.
    After consistently using for a period, they will become cleaner each morning.
    That means most of the toxins in your body have been released already.
    Apart from your feet, you can also apply these detox foot pads onto
    other part of your body, including back, knees, elbows etc.

    India’s first Detox patches on the feet are a safe,
    non-invasive and effective
    hazardous substances from the body through the skin
    Made up of 100% Pure Vegetarian and Natural Ingredients
    Natural Unwanted 100% Toxins Remover
    More physical energy , Strengthening immunity . Relieve edema
    Improve blood circulation , Boost your metabolism ,
    Support for weight loss

    Remove stress For whom are the patches: For smokers who want to get rid of
    pollutants from cigarettes For the weaker people, who quickly tired and have
    less energy For people who care about themselves, and they want to cleanse
    your body For people who suffer from pain in the joints, neck and back For
    people who perform manual labor really hard For people who value their health
    For people who suffer from bad and sleep For women who are giving birth
    For the elderly and disadvantaged people

    Ingredients Ginger, salt, bamboo vinegar, loquat leaf, vegetable fiber, vitaminC,
    Wood vinegar and many other) which helps in detoxify and remove the harmful


    Rs.1,990.00 Rs.1,100.00
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    HAND SANITIZER – Cleanses and moisturizes hands, Does not dry skin. Prevents infection, and ensures total hand hygiene.
    GERM-FREE – Helps eliminate 99.99% of bacteria in contact. Active ingredients keep your hands free from germs for up to 10 hours.
    LEMON FRAGRANCE – The fresh & lemony fragrance leaves your hands mildly scented after each use
    NO WATER – The sanitizer helps to maintain your hygiene without any soap or water and turns out to be a great solution while you travel.
    DIRECTIONS – Just take a drop. Apply on your palm. Spread and rub over the back of your hands and fingertips until dry.

    Rs.150.00 Rs.99.00